Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tea & Me

Hey guys it's Molly again! I'm seriously addicted to Polyvore. Today instead of doing homework I made a fancy outfit and an about me collage.

This first one is inspired by afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. I went to this my past trip and wasn't dressed nearly this nice but it would still be fun to dress up with a bunch of friends and stuff your face very gracefully with finger sandwiches and strawberries and cream.

Garden Tea
Garden Tea by BreakingFree111 featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

The make-up is very simple with a pink lip and a greenish eye. The cardigain could be worn open with the dress or not completely buttoned. The clutch was my roommate's idea. She is a fashion major so I trust her opinion.

This next outfit is ME! So I'll show it and then explain.
Me by BreakingFree111 featuring Old Navy

I am from Rhode Island so I put that in the background. I also am very Irish and Irish step dance so I put that in there. Now I have always shopped at Old Navy so I have very basic clothes. I love stripped sweaters but I do not own this one. I wish I did. I also have a million tank tops from Old Navy. I love love love skinny jeans. I have black slouchy boots that I wear everywhere and I have some floral flats that I've had for the past 2 years that are almost dead.

My makeup's very simple. Neutral eyes. I've been getting into more colors lately. I am also very pale so I depend on bronzer!

I love Vera Bradley. When I get accepted I'm treating myself to get a ton of travel bags from the site. I also love Taylor Swift so I added her in the collage. I'm going to see her in concert June 5th with my best friend and my suitemate. SO excited!

So that's all about me! Talk to you all later!


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