Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kristin's Intro!

Well hello there, Fantasyland Fashonistas! I'm Kristin, and you can find my blog here.

A little bit about my sense of fashion:

I hate spending money on clothes, therefore nowadays I live at Plato's Closet. You can get some AMAZING deals there, sometimes on new things!

Most of my wardrobe consists of Forever 21 clothes. I love prints, however I couldn't find very many in the picture. I'm really conservative, so I almost ALWAYS wear 3 shirts at once. I never wear v-necks without another shirt underneath. Recently I've been pretty daring and decided to buy high cut sleeveless shirts, lol.

I love putting together cute outfits for cheap, so some of the sets I put together will most likely reflect my "frugal" taste!

I also love winter. I love winter jackets, I have many!

A little bit about my Disney experience:
I am a Spring 2009 CP alum (not the right word, I know, I don't like alumnae!), and I'm a Fall PI/CP hopeful! I am applying for a PI in Guest Relations, as well as the CP. My top role is Concierge, followed by Hospitality and Vacation Planner. I graduate in May and I can't wait!


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