Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ashly's Intro

Well, hello everyone!

I haven't received word yet from Disney but I have faith that when I do it'll be good news!

I was hoping to apply for the Fall Advantage program but a scholarship came up so I went with the Summer Alumni program and told her to still consider me for the FA if the Summer Alumni was filled up.

I think this is an awesome blog because I enjoy Disney, makeup, clothes, and some more Disney!

This is what my basic make up looks like.

I love, love Urban Decay eyeshadow and when I saw their Alice in Wonderland set I had to get it. (Or at least this is what I asked as an early birthday gift.) I love it!

I'm really pale, freckly, and I have reddish brown hair unless I dye it. So, I find the best makeup for my skin is M.A.C. studio tech in NW 20. NARS makes this awesome color called orgasm that looks good on any skin tone and their Orgasm nail polish would be Disney Look Friendly. I usually go with nude, sheer lipstick except the occasional day when I'll wear red. The Stila Smudge Pots are amazing. You can use them as eyeshadows, and eyeliners. I use aveeno because my skin is pretty sensitive. I always have chapstick because of how cold it gets sometimes.

I really, really like perfume but my all time favorites are Nina by Nina Ricci and Pearberry by BBW.

I picked three outfits that I really like.

I don't really have a set style but I do tend to lean toward vintage, and Victorian inspired stuff. I also enjoy laid back clothing.


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