Friday, March 26, 2010


The wilderness must be explored! Here is a look that I'm excited about, Russell from Disney Pixar's Up! I wanted the take this very "boy scout" outfit and give it a cute twist. Please feel free to wear this outfit while exploring the lands of our very own Animal Kingdom. Remember adventure is out there, even within your woredrobe!

Russell by Jessica Marinello featuring Stuart Weitzman shoes

Monday, March 22, 2010

101 Dalmatians: Part Two

Jess' inspiration gave me inspiration!

My boyfriend and I dressed up as Anita and Roger from 101 Dalmatians for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party last year. We took our inspirations for our costumes from the picture of the clip from the movie in the following Polyvore!

Basically, I made a more updated version of Anita's outfit. I would never wear a purpleish grey suit other than to portray a character or Halloween, so I figured I would go with the next best thing! :)

Also, I love whoever added this new layout. :)

101 Dalmatians

So I was really inspired by 101 Dalmatians this week. To me that speaks Black, White, and Red with spots all over! I hope you all enjoy the pieces that make up my interpretation.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cross Post: Dream Location Redux!

I changed my mind about my FSFB dream location, haha. Cinderella's Royal Table is now my ultimate absolute number one first choice of all time ever... and as such, I created a set for it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jessie the Cowgirl

For all of you pixar fans and cowgirls out there, here is a look inspired by Jessie. This may or may not be stylish, but I tried hard to complete her style without looking like a costume. I figured these character looks are fun to post since most of you are still in your waiting months for the cp. What do yall think?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Princess Eilonwy

Hi Guys, here is a look I have put together for the character of Princess Eilonwy. Am I the only one who loves Disney underdogs. I have just watched the least popular Disney animated film, The Black Cauldron. I must say that I enjoyed it very much but, I can understand that many kids would not be interested due to scarey characters. I think it might have been rumored that Disney actually disowned the rights to this film because they were embarrased by it? I'm not sure of the full story but I know there was some sort of controversy with the film. How many of you have seen it? Liked it?

Are you guys enjoying the character looks that I keep posting or are you getting tired of them? Please let me know! My feeling will not be hurt, this blog is for the readers not me.

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