Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disney Fairies

Disney Fairies

I was playing around with polyvore and I just found this really cool feature! Now you can check out my Disney Fairy looks as a whole, with out me having to post them all separate.

So I have been spending a lot of time on polyvore, I can't help it. Since Wendy and Tink share a close bond ;) I desided to do a Tinkerbell look as well! I just took a lot of mix and match peices to create an overall vibe of Tinks style. I'm suprised at how many items I found for her character. I have also gone a head and created looks for each of Tink's friends as well, you can view them by checking out my polyvore or just look above!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Megan's Intro

Hey Everyone! I'm Megan and I'm from the Eastern Shore of Maryland :) I have a blog about the DCP, it's over {here}. I'm planning on applying this coming fall for Spring 2011 at Walt Disney World. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I run cross country and track at my college and love it. Running seems to de-stress me. I'm looking forward to having the chance to run in the Disney Princess 5k during my program. I sing in my college's choir and played the clarinet, oboe, and flute in high school. I'm not sure what else to tell you right now about myself.

This set is a set I made just to introduce myself, and my typical style and apparel. This is something that I can see myself wearing on the trip down to Walt Disney World. I'm about 14 hours from Walt Disney World (925 miles) and I hopefully will be either driving down/taking the auto train or having my mom bring my car down later in the program. I love taking photos and I think this camera would be amazing to have in Walt Disney World so I could take photos and see them at the same time. I got these earrings for Christmas 2009 and love them! I wear ASIC sneakers alot, it's all I run in.

Daisy Duck

Here is a little look I put together for all of the Daisy Duck lovers. I think Daisy is so cute and I wish she was more popular. I just paired simple purple tops with a white skirt. You can't forget about her stylish pink bow and heels! I also added some fun yellow stockings into the mix for a pop of color.
Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck by Jessica Marinello featuring Rebecca Taylor tops

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh no! Two Emily's?!

Hi there!

I'm Emily :)


I'm the newest contributer to Fantasyland Fashion!

No, I'm not a CPer...but I am a senior in High School and I am 100% planning on doing the CP in the Fall of 2011.

Since there are two Emily's, I need some ideas of what my name could be.
Em? Ems? Emmy?
How about Emmy?

I went ahead and made this polyvore look for what my everyday outfit is.

Have a Magical Day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Minnie Mouse

I guess you could say that this is another dream role of mine. So until then I'll make my own dreams come true by shopping like minnie. I would totally wear the dress and flats, with minnie ears, to magic kingdom. I think standing next to her in it would make for a really cute picture.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

I saw this shirt on Forever 21's website and thought, "I would TOTALLY wear that in DinoLand USA..." And thus, a Polyvore set was born! They actually sell the one that says "vegetarian" IN Animal Kingdom, coincidentally.

I also really want those shoes from Target. Just so you know.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tea & Me

Hey guys it's Molly again! I'm seriously addicted to Polyvore. Today instead of doing homework I made a fancy outfit and an about me collage.

This first one is inspired by afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. I went to this my past trip and wasn't dressed nearly this nice but it would still be fun to dress up with a bunch of friends and stuff your face very gracefully with finger sandwiches and strawberries and cream.

Garden Tea
Garden Tea by BreakingFree111 featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

The make-up is very simple with a pink lip and a greenish eye. The cardigain could be worn open with the dress or not completely buttoned. The clutch was my roommate's idea. She is a fashion major so I trust her opinion.

This next outfit is ME! So I'll show it and then explain.
Me by BreakingFree111 featuring Old Navy

I am from Rhode Island so I put that in the background. I also am very Irish and Irish step dance so I put that in there. Now I have always shopped at Old Navy so I have very basic clothes. I love stripped sweaters but I do not own this one. I wish I did. I also have a million tank tops from Old Navy. I love love love skinny jeans. I have black slouchy boots that I wear everywhere and I have some floral flats that I've had for the past 2 years that are almost dead.

My makeup's very simple. Neutral eyes. I've been getting into more colors lately. I am also very pale so I depend on bronzer!

I love Vera Bradley. When I get accepted I'm treating myself to get a ton of travel bags from the site. I also love Taylor Swift so I added her in the collage. I'm going to see her in concert June 5th with my best friend and my suitemate. SO excited!

So that's all about me! Talk to you all later!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Molly B's Intro/Traditions!

Hey guys! This is Molly B from If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! If you do not follow me firstly I recommend that you do, and secondly you should know that currently I'm pending my acceptance for the Fall 2010 Disney College Program. I'm trying to stay positive and I've taken a calling to the wonderful Polyvore! I've loved the outfits that the girls have made so far.

Now this isn't your usual intro post. In the past the girls have showcased their own styles. I am going to show you the outfit I created for my traditions theme. I spent a while trying to figure out how polyvore works so it's not the best but I like it and some of the girls in the chat like it.

So here it is!
Traditions by BreakingFree111 featuring Miu Miu shoes

I started out with four skirts and narrowed it down to these two. Then I added shirts and cardigans and accessories and make-up for both. The one on the left is wicked expensive... I didn't notice the prices when I picked out the items.. ha.

I'm thinking that since we'll all be arriving either May/June or August that we're not all going to be wearing pants. So that's why I have the skirts with the tank-tops and light cardigans. I also added some make-up to the outfits. More of a natural brown eye with some blue in it for the grey/blue outfit. Then for the yellow polka doted outfit it'll be a black smokey eye. Also natural nail polishes because you're not allowed to have unnatural colors for most roles. But double check for the role you get.

If you guys are into make-up and beauty I recommend watching some beauty guru vlogs on YouTube. I follow Blair (juicystar07) and her sister Elle (Allthatglitters21). They put videos up almost every other day. I've learned a lot from them.

So I hope you all liked my outfits and my intro! And have a magical day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dream Role, Jessica

My DREAM role is to be Best Friends with Wendy or Alice. They are so cute and fun! I also wouldn't mind hanging out with Peter Pan all day. Since that’s only a dream role and I don’t have a convincing British accent; I have put together a look that was inspired by one of my favorite characters in general. Wendy Darling.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jessica's Intro!

Hello to all of you Disney kids and Fashionistas! My name is Jessica and I'm sorry to report that I will not be a college programmer this year. I'm currently not enrolled in college, so it’s just not my time yet. I'm very much interested in the program, so I'm trying to soak in as much as I can.

My initial reaction to all of the CP Blogs & Vlogs, has just made me want to do the program even more. Since my application process won’t be for a few years, who knows? I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't focus most of my free time on YouTube and Blogger, BUT once I heard about Fantasyland Fashion from Abby and Lauren, I could pass up being a part of the fun.

So you want to know a little about my style, well I should announce that I do live in Florida. You guys will all find out how hot it really is once you get down here. Even though most of you will be here during the fall, it’s still pretty toasty. I unfortunately suffer from the lack of seasons all year round. Don't get me wrong, I love the weather here but my favorite colors and styles are pulled from an autumn and winter atmosphere.

My General Style
My General Style by Jessica Marinello featuring Forever21

I don't really know how to describe my style. I tend to go for things that complement my body shape than anything else. I love flats, boots, cardigans, and coats. I know I'm crazy but I can't help what I feel comfortable in.

Thanks to all of you awesome girls for letting me contribute! I'm looking forward to seeing you all in your cast costumes! If you would like to contact me you can drop me questions on my Formspring and I'm sure I have dropped a comment on your youtube vlogs at one point or another lol

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dream Role?

This isn't really a theme, I guess... but anyway, I'm a big fan of the Tremaine family, particularly Ms. Anastasia. So I decided to do a modern take on her signature outfit. I would totally wear this to the CP formal, too - except for the $725 clutch, it's all either affordable or I already own something similar - like those awesome oxford heels!

I would love to be friends with this sassy chick, and wouldn't mind if I spent all my time hanging out with her and not getting pulled for a certain mermaid. I'm not even kidding. I'd die of happiness if I got pulled for face either way, honestly. Slash pass the audition at all.

Alice in Wonderland

Hey guys! So I made a small collection of a modern Alice outfit. Even though it's not one of my favorite Disney films, Alice is definitely one of my favorite characters. Hope you all like it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dream Work Location, Emily

Okay! Some of you may have seen this outfit in my personal blog, Magic Magic Mouseketeer -- and I'm sorry for re-posting! I tried really hard to come up with a second Jungle Cruise outfit, but I like this one too much/I couldn't find any cute high-waisted khaki shorts to start off my 2nd idea. 

SO, here it is again! An adorable shirtdress with just enough animal print to make any corny Jungle Cruise skipper proud. I really want that lion ring for myself. Also! I have branch earrings similar to the ones included in this collage, too bad they wouldn't work with the Disney Look or I would totally rock them with my actual uniform -- if I were lucky enough to get the Jungle Cruise!

Kristin's Makeup Routine

I figured since everyone posted their makeup routine, I would as well!

First and foremost, I LOVE Philosophy! Their perfumes and shower gels are amazing! My favorite perfume is Falling in Love and my current shower gel is this orange creamsicle flavor! It smells delicious!

I also swear by Burts Bees, more specifically Baby Bees Buttermilk lotion. I couldn't find a picture of that, so this is the best I could do! I use it on my face, as I get really dry skin and it is probably the best moisturizer I have ever used. I had two bottles of the stuff for a couple years and finally decided to use and I am in love with it!

I don't really wear a lot of makeup, other than Bare Escentuals. Again, I don't have the best skin so it really helps keep my face clear and doesn't look cakey. When I wear eye makeup, I use Wet n' Wild liquid eyeliner..sometimes in bright colors! I definitely own that turquoise green that is pictured. I also use Covergirl liner crayons if I'm running late, they are a little more forgiving than liquid eyeliner. I use some random pink bottle of mascara, truth be told I don't really have a favorite, I usually get whatever is on sale!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ashly's Intro

Well, hello everyone!

I haven't received word yet from Disney but I have faith that when I do it'll be good news!

I was hoping to apply for the Fall Advantage program but a scholarship came up so I went with the Summer Alumni program and told her to still consider me for the FA if the Summer Alumni was filled up.

I think this is an awesome blog because I enjoy Disney, makeup, clothes, and some more Disney!

This is what my basic make up looks like.

I love, love Urban Decay eyeshadow and when I saw their Alice in Wonderland set I had to get it. (Or at least this is what I asked as an early birthday gift.) I love it!

I'm really pale, freckly, and I have reddish brown hair unless I dye it. So, I find the best makeup for my skin is M.A.C. studio tech in NW 20. NARS makes this awesome color called orgasm that looks good on any skin tone and their Orgasm nail polish would be Disney Look Friendly. I usually go with nude, sheer lipstick except the occasional day when I'll wear red. The Stila Smudge Pots are amazing. You can use them as eyeshadows, and eyeliners. I use aveeno because my skin is pretty sensitive. I always have chapstick because of how cold it gets sometimes.

I really, really like perfume but my all time favorites are Nina by Nina Ricci and Pearberry by BBW.

I picked three outfits that I really like.

I don't really have a set style but I do tend to lean toward vintage, and Victorian inspired stuff. I also enjoy laid back clothing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dream Work Location: Kristin

Since I've been selected as a Concierge cast member, I decided to pick my ideal hotel location. After seeing the actual uniform, I'm not so sure it's my favorite costume, but nevertheless, here is my inspired set! Let's see what you guys come up with!

Sara's Intro

Hello everyone, I'm Sara (Adventures in Wonderland) and I'm tardy for the party. :) On Friday, I was accepted as a cast member along with a few other Fantasyland fashionistas. I'll be working merch!

So here's an outfit I would probably pull out of my closet.
If I had to describe my style I would say I'm very skate/surf-centric and I love clothing that flows.
I have an undeniable love for anchors, owls, stars, and hoodies.
I'm all about casual and being comfortable, but I also love to dress up on occasion. However, if I can avoid heels I will. I'm not the most graceful in them.
I wear A LOT of blue to match with my blue LV glasses, which are my favorite to wear.
I'm very inspired by what celebrities are wearing and what's fashionable in England and Australia (Random? Totally, but Top Shop.. swoon and sigh).
My favorite shops include Forever 21, Delias, Pac Sun, Sephora, and H&M.

Now beauty, I love Clinique products. I sort of swear by it. Currently 98% of my make up is from them. I also adore sweet smells like the scent of vanilla. I buy a lot of my scented lotions and sprays from Bath and Body Works and Sephora.

Dream Work Location: Abby

So for our first theme we will be posting sets of our Dream Work Locations on the program. But here's the catch.... we're not going to tell you where they are! You'll have to guess from our sets. :)

I was accepted last Friday as a Full Service Food and Beverage Cast Member. There are so many great restaurants on WDW property, but I chose to make a set for just one of my choices. Much easier that way, I think.

Happy guessing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cori's Intro!

Hi everyone, i'm Cori from over at [magical blog title here], and I'm the newest contributor to Fantasyland Fashion! I'm not necessarily the biggest on "fashion", I typically wind up wearing my work uniform, t-shirts and jeans, or pajamas. But I do enjoy a good outfit every once in a while, and I've messed around with Polyvore a bit to show you what I think that would look like :)

But first! A brief introduction. I'm a Hospitality Management major at my local community college, and am really excited about the CP! The top two choices I was asked about in my interview were Hospitality and Full Service Food and Beverage, and I'll be happy wherever I'm placed if I get one of those roles.

Some of my favorites include:
~ Park: Disney's Hollywood Studios
~ Attraction(s): Tower of Terror, Jungle Cruise, Great Movie Ride
~ Movies: Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted

Now onto the style portion of this, some of my go-to stores include Forever 21, Sephora, and H&M, although working in the mall has currently made me a little bit sick of it. I can't go anywhere without a tube of C.O. Bigelow's "My Favorite Lip Balm" (found at Bath & Body Works!) and a little bit of mascara. That's about all for now, but here's a little bit of a sense of me for ya:

Jenn's Intro!

Hey guys, this is Jenn. (Check out my blog here.) I thought this idea was great! It gives us a chance to use our creativity skills and an excuse to procrastinate from studying. I'm definitely having a hard time deciding what to wear for Traditions and what to pack, so I think everyone's efforts here will be very helpful.

As for me, I'm definitely a casual girl. I don't have any chances to dress nicely where I live, and basically everyone at my school wears jeans and hoodies, so it's tough to keep up any sense of personal style. Here's an example of something I may wear to school.


As you can see, I like to keep it simple. So my versions of characters, rides, Traditions, etc will be simple as well. I love shoes -- flats especially. I own far far too many of them. They're comfy and go with almost I find heels terribly uncomfortable. I like jeans and t-shirts with a few accessories. :) And I don't wear much makeup, but I adore the way mascara makes someone's eyes pop, so I hardly ever leave the house without it. I also might have a slight addiction to Burt's Bees chapstick!

I'm hoping to get into the fall advantage term (the June date!) and possibly be in Hospitality or Attractions, although I checked off 12 or 13 roles. I'd be happy with any of them! I've been going to Disney parks on family vacations ever since I can remember, and I grew up surrounded by that magic. I'm excited to have the parks at my fingertips, learn from such a respected company, and meet my awesome D-Fam.


Kristin's Intro!

Well hello there, Fantasyland Fashonistas! I'm Kristin, and you can find my blog here.

A little bit about my sense of fashion:

I hate spending money on clothes, therefore nowadays I live at Plato's Closet. You can get some AMAZING deals there, sometimes on new things!

Most of my wardrobe consists of Forever 21 clothes. I love prints, however I couldn't find very many in the picture. I'm really conservative, so I almost ALWAYS wear 3 shirts at once. I never wear v-necks without another shirt underneath. Recently I've been pretty daring and decided to buy high cut sleeveless shirts, lol.

I love putting together cute outfits for cheap, so some of the sets I put together will most likely reflect my "frugal" taste!

I also love winter. I love winter jackets, I have many!

A little bit about my Disney experience:
I am a Spring 2009 CP alum (not the right word, I know, I don't like alumnae!), and I'm a Fall PI/CP hopeful! I am applying for a PI in Guest Relations, as well as the CP. My top role is Concierge, followed by Hospitality and Vacation Planner. I graduate in May and I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emily's Intro!

Hello, Fantasyland Fashion!
My name is Emily. I blog over at the Magic Magic Mousketeer! So, for our intro posts -- we thought we'd include our favorite go-to outfit. And that is kind of an understatement for me, because I wear a version of the above practically like a uniform! This definitely gives you a sense of my sort of style. I love skirts and dresses, but I also love my large collection of band t-shirts. I have a giant drawer full of tights (mostly opaque black and grey but the sheer dots are my favorites) because I never wear jeans anymore. Aaand... I like headbands and hair bows.

For beauty stuff... I really care most about my hair and eye make-up. I love, love, love my Remington hot rollers. I can't leave the house without mascara and MAC fluidline. And I have a millions tubes of Burt's Bee's lip chap.

My go-to brick and mortar stores are... J. Crew, Ann Taylor (lol.), American Apparel, and H&M. But I do a lot of online and thrift shopping too. I can spend hours on etsy and e-bay!

As for Disney stuff. My top two roles are Character Performer and Attractions. I've applied to both Disneyland and Disney World. My favorite ride is the Jungle Cruise. My favorite land is New Orleans Square. And my favorite park is Tokyo Disney Sea.

I'm really excited to get to share my style with you and to be collaborating on this blog with some of my favorite Disney ladies!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lauren's Intro!

Hey guys, it's Lauren from LaurenWDWCP (check out my vlog too, it's pretty cool)! So I'm really excited about this new disney fashionista blog! I'm also applying for Fall 2010 along with Abby and all these amazing gals we've got on here! My top roles are:

1) Attractions: Hopefully guiding you through a
magical journey into the movies ;)
2) Merchandise
3) Vacation Planner

So let's talk about what we've decided to do here! We've all realized we are BIG fans of fashion. So, we thought that you might as well look as cute as possible while roaming through the parks! Especially because as a CP you'll also be living nearby, and have you're whole closet with you! So no excuses!

Anyway, fashion wise, I'm very classic chic, as Abby coined it.
Here's an example of one of my everyday looks:
I'd name all my favorite stores, but that would just take up too much time, and I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

Anyway, I look forward to where this blog is going and can't wait for it to get going!! :)


Abby's Intro!

Hello there! It's Abby of Abby in Wonderland and ... that redheaded youtube vlogger. (Two things you should DEFINITELY check out if you haven't before.) I've been interested in the CP since high school and fashion since... well, awhile. My parents let me dress myself as soon as I knew how but my style was a lot more eclectic back then, to put it nicely.

Anyway! Some quick facts about me...

The Disney:
  • My top 2 roles are Character Performer and Attractions, but I'd be happy with any of the other 5 I checked off.
  • Park Favorites:
    • Park: Magic Kingdom
    • Attractions: Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Expedition Everest
    • Resort: Polynesian
    • Dining: California Grill
    • Treat: Dole Whips
    • Nighttime Spectacular: Illuminations
  • Classic Favorites:
    • Movies: THE LION KING. Also Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.
    • Pixar: Monsters Inc, Wall E, and Ratatouille
    • Heroines: Ariel, Belle
    • Heroes: Simba, Aladdin, Philip
    • Villains: The Tremaines, Hades, Scar
The Style:
  • Keywords: Boho prep :)
  • Favorite brands: Free People, Urban Outfitters, anything at Anthropologie (see also: most shopped at)
  • Most shopped at: Forever 21, H&M, Abercrombie, Nordstrom Rack
  • Beauty staples: Urban Decay eye makeup and eye primer, Stila tinted moisturizer, Covergirl LashBlast, Jergen's Natural Glow...
And here's a Polyvore set of my basic winter uniform - I think it showcases the concept of boho prep pretty well, actually. 


Welcome to Fantasyland Fashion, a collaboration between some particularly stylish Fall 2010 Disney College Program Applicants! The point of this blog is both to come up with some great style tips while on the CP (what to pack, what to wear for different CP events, etc) and to come up with fun outfit inspirations based on different attractions, resorts, characters, or whatever we feel like!

Once we're all down there (fingers crossed!) we'll be sure to post some pictures of the various CP costumes as well.

Look for introductory posts from each contributor in the near future!

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