Sunday, March 7, 2010

Princess Eilonwy

Hi Guys, here is a look I have put together for the character of Princess Eilonwy. Am I the only one who loves Disney underdogs. I have just watched the least popular Disney animated film, The Black Cauldron. I must say that I enjoyed it very much but, I can understand that many kids would not be interested due to scarey characters. I think it might have been rumored that Disney actually disowned the rights to this film because they were embarrased by it? I'm not sure of the full story but I know there was some sort of controversy with the film. How many of you have seen it? Liked it?

Are you guys enjoying the character looks that I keep posting or are you getting tired of them? Please let me know! My feeling will not be hurt, this blog is for the readers not me.


Anna said...

I love The Black Cauldron! Scary, though.

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